WSSA & its members

Workplace Super Specialists Australia (WSSA) is an association that represents corporate superannuation specialist advisory businesses.

WSSA members provide workplace financial advisory services to thousands of corporate superannuation funds, across metropolitan and regional Australia, and play an essential role in managing Australia’s large and growing superannuation savings pool.

Firstly, WSSA members work with Australian companies and their employees by bringing financial education to the workplace at a low cost through structured programmes set in conjunction with employers and policy committees. This provides members with general advice and information to help them improve their decisions about retirement savings and life insurance choices.

Secondly, we work with employers and policy committees to ensure members are getting competitive benefits and features, at a competitive price.

We have 3 important goals
  • 01
    Member education

    Greater financial literacy.

  • 02
    Member empowerment

    Arming employees with financial knowledge so that they can make informed superannuation decisions.

  • 03
    Member advocacy

    Improving employee’s individual benefits with superannuation providers at the most efficient price.